10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Hi guys!

Let me first cut to the chase – I am ALL for passing out candy on Halloween! In fact, I most likely will be passing out some sugary goodies myself. 

Moving on from that disclaimer, I wanted to share some of my favorite candy alternatives with you all. Reasons being:

  • Food allergies: I’m sure you’re aware that a lot of daycares and schools are going nut-free or that many people are placing teal pumpkins on their doorsteps to bring attention to food allergies. In recent years, I have always tried to have candy alternatives for the kiddos who may have allergies. 
  • Dental health: I know, I know – sounds silly, right? But have you seen some of the candy stashes some of these kids acquire while trick or treating?! My teeth hurt just thinking about it! Last year, Charlee had a pillowcase FULL of candy – an entire pillowcase! Also, I think of my nephew, who has braces, who probably won’t be able to eat some of the candy he accumulates (which I realize now isn’t such a bad thing…)
  • Snacks vs. Candy: Some of my favorite “treats” that Charlee received last year were the little bags of Goldfish, pretzels and even granola bars. I loved that they were pretty much stocking our snack bin and they were “treats” that I didn’t mind her gobbling up. I can envision parents using these snacks for school lunches vs. candy being the go-to addition.
  • Cost: Call me cheap but have you seen some of the candy prices? I don’t know about you but not everyone has a $50+ candy budget for the occasion – sheesh! Especially those who live in high-Halloween-traffic areas!

10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

    • Fruit Snacks: Okay, I admit that these aren’t the healthiest alternative to candy but they ARE something that can easily be thrown into your child’s lunchbox post Halloween festivities. Also, they are incredibly cheap. We purchased the ones seen below and will be handing them out this year; they were only $7.50 for a box of 80 at Sam’s Club.  

    • Bubbles: What kid doesn’t love bubbles? These are the perfect size for passing out on Halloween!

    • Stickers: My 3 year old daughter is sticker obsessed! Come to think of it, my 5 year old niece loves them as well. Stickers are a super cheap and fun candy alternative. 

    • Play-Doh: Okay, so I know some people feel VERY strongly about Play-Doh and it seems like parents either really love it or really hate it. I’m pro Play-Doh because it keeps my kid busy for hours! I love these little tubs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stamps: Charlee included these in little Valentine’s Day gift bags she gave to her dance class and I had a few parents comment on how much they loved them. I’ve seen them carried at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I am loving this giant set from Amazon and may have to add it to my next order. Great little goodies to have on hand!

    • Bracelets: Anyone else love these as a kid? I know I did, as well as my brothers and sisters! I found these on Oriental Trading.

    • Craft Kits: I love that these are candy-free AND a fun activity. 

    • Toothbrushes: I know, I know – your kiddos will probably roll their eyes when they see someone put a toothbrush in their loot bag. But, as parents, wouldn’t it be nice? Charlee got an adorable princess toothbrush last year and surprisingly, she was quite pleased!

    • Cheese Balls: Kids love cheese balls, right? I love that these are much cheaper than candy, parents can put them in their kids’ lunch boxes and if there’s any leftover, I feel a little less guilty about scarfing down cheese balls rather than mini Kit Kat’s! ( I saw these at my local Sam’s Club)

    • Bouncy Balls: These are fun, relatively inexpensive AND they glow in the dark! 

I hope that you enjoyed this list! Tell me, what are some of your favorite candy-free Halloween alternatives? 




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  1. Mary Leigh says:

    These are all really great ideas! I appreciate that they are all still really fun for kids! We love candy around here – but so much of it can be overwhelming. I hate to toss it because I love it. Hate to let my little eat all of it, because he’s young. End up eating too much myself because no self control. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I like a good mix of things!

  2. Vicki Bradley says:

    I donโ€™t get many (if any) trick-or-treaters, but I think these are great ideas! I used to make a point of putting non-candy treats in my kidsโ€™ Easter baskets as well. (along with traditional Easter candy)

  3. Sarah Zinn says:

    These are some fun ideas! We’ll definitely be buying candy, but I’ll use some of these ideas too! We’re definitely high-traffic area (I saw church buses last year!) and it got super expensive!

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