20 Unique Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

Christmas is quickly approaching and with that comes the endless search for the “perfect” gift! If you’re anything like me, you’ve had one heck of a time coming up with something for the man in your life – especially if he’s anything like my husband and…

A. Doesn’t need anything

B. If he needs something, he buys it himself.

C. Is super specific on brand, style, type, price, etc. (at which point you say, “Just go buy it yourself!”)

After venting my frustration to my husband, he took it upon himself to send out mass messages to all of his friends to ask what they truly wanted for Christmas (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc.). Many of the responses I would have never in a million years thought of and it’s interesting to get an inside perspective. I’m handing the remainder of this blog post over to my husband so you can get all the info straight from the source! 

Hey! Justin here.

As a man who “has everything” I wanted to help you (men and women) who read this blog and also have the same question my wife has “What in the world do I get this guy?”.

After posing the question to a number of male friends, they all seem to have something in common, a desire and want for quality over quantity. It’s more of a question of what can I get a guy who has all he needs and doesn’t want more “stuff” unless it’s something he will really like?

The best part, at least with men, is it’s not all about the cost. A prime example and a pre-Christmas spoiler from my daughter (thanks Charlee!) – Ashleigh decided to have a custom-made ink pen made for me with a custom wood case; the total was less than $30 by a local craftsman. The pen is awesome, has my name engraved on it and will be with me literally the rest of my life. No, it’s not a luxury Mont Blanc or Cartier pen, but it has more value than either of those brands could ever have.

This is a curated list of awesome gifts directly from the mouths of the men I asked and again, written by a guy – me! (And to be totally transparent, all of which are married men, most with children.)

  1. Quality Writing PenParker Jotter or the like is known for quality, yet inexpensive enough that your guy can keep it on him and actually use it (sometimes fancy pens get the shaft for fear of being lost). 
  2. Pocket Multi-Tool – A Griffon Pocket Tool is a great stocking stuffer for the man who likes utility on his keychain. This is a quality built item and not a “bottle opener” picked up in the checkout line of a convenience store. This tool is built to last and comes in handy more than you realize!
  3. Fishing/Hunting License – Some states allow for the gifting of licenses. This is ideal for the man who loves the outdoors or is looking to pick up a new hobby.
  4. Massage – This was a very common reply from all of the men I asked. The majority of them responded saying that they would love a professional and relaxing massage.
  5. Cooking Classes – Another top request, many of the men who replied would love a professional cooking class that they either attend solo or with their wife, girlfriend or significant other.
  6. Flight Lessons – So this is on the pricier side of things but surprisingly, may not be as bad as you’re thinking! Small local airports typically have flight lessons available and would make an amazing gift. 
  7. Skydiving/Bungee Jumping – Help your guy check off his bucket list! 
  8. Aged Whiskey –  A popular request, get something like a McCallan 15, 18 or 25. 
  9. Cigars & Humidor – A pack of cigars and a humidor is perfect for the man who enjoys the occasional cigar. 
  10. Fishing Gear – My advice would be to aim for quality here instead of trying to outfit his whole fishing trip on a budget. If you don’t know, how about a Bass Pro Shop gift card specifically earmarked for fishing gear?
  11. Hunting Gear – Same advice as above 🙂
  12. Trips – A flight to see a friend or family, a weekend getaway for the two of you, a guided fishing trip or hunting trip, etc. 
  13. Lift Tickets – If you’re in an area with snow, prepaying for a weekend lift ticket would be great. Or, combine #12 and #13 and prepay for a lift ticket for a preplanned trip!
  14. Coffee Enthusiast Items – Does he like coffee? How about a home cold brew kit or a quality grinder and pour over stand? Throw in a good batch of beans and this makes the perfect gift!
  15. Tools – Quality tools by Craftsman, Mac or SnapOn would be the way to go. Avoid anything that’s cheaply made or doesn’t have a lifetime warranty. Most men will keep their tools for their entire life if they are high quality and built to last. 
  16. Business Essentials – Regardless of what your guy does, he most likely wants to do it well (go ahead and set him up for success!). If he is an oil field worker, then maybe an awesome jacket by Carhartt or some Red Wing boots would make his day. If he travels a lot, how about a solid suite bag or quality duffle? For the computer whiz, a nice Timbuk2 messenger bag or leather laptop case/backpack would be perfect. 
  17. Watch – The two accessories that every man needs is a nice watch and nice shoes. There are plenty of watches that offer a classic style without breaking the bank; for example, Seiko has a number of exceptional timepieces on a budget. If you want to buy a utilitarian style watch, go for a steel G-Shock. Does your man have “flashier” taste? Think about getting an Omega, Tag or Oris that can be kept and gain value over time. 
  18. Technology & Electronics – Go with the theme of this list and aim for high quality (yes, things may get a little pricey here). While we will appreciate that SpyPadHD3 that you picked up for $35.99 on Black Friday, we’d definitely prefer the real deal iPad. If you’re going for a TV, bigger is better and aim for 4k/3D. If your guy is a gamer, how about a new game station based on his preference?
  19. Beard/Hair Comb – Keep your guy looking put together with a custom made in the USA Chicago Comb
  20. Wallet – This is always a good go-to. Check out Jaqet for products designed and handmade by one of Mazda’s lead designers here in the US (he does this as a side job and passion and his stuff is awesome).

So there you have it! A comprehensive list of ideas for the man who has everything straight from the minds of men who have everything (you follow?) 😉 Remember, it’s not about how much you spend – it’s about finding a quality, well thought out gift for your loved one – whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or simply just because. I hope this list gave you some insight and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! (For specific linked items, check out product listings here.)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 



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