Amazon Prime Now – Raleigh, NC!

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I hope your week is going wonderfully! Mine? It just got a whole lot better!

As I was surfing Facebook prior to bed last night, I happened to stumble across a post in my local mom’s group that totally caught my attention. Have you heard of Amazon Prime Now? I hadn’t either.

So if you are local to Raleigh, download the Amazon Prime Now app…NOW! You will have groceries, toys, diapers, sports gear, gifts and more at your door within 2 hours! You could actually have your purchase within an HOUR for an additional $7.99 fee (2 hour delivery is free). Crazy, right?!

You know those times when you go to reach for a diaper and you realize you only have 1 left? Or when you’re feeling sick and all you want is some OJ and some soup but can’t bring yourself to get out of bed and go to the store? Or how about when you forgot to pick up a gift for the neighbors baby shower? These are all things that I have experienced personally and would have loved to simply order using an app and have my purchases delivered to my door. 

After a quick search, it looks like there’s a $20 minimum order and you have to be an Amazon Prime member. As I mentioned, the 2 hour delivery is free and the 1 hour will cost an additional $7.99.

Well folks, I’m off to buy random stuff that I “need”. 



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