As Long As I’m Living My Baby You’ll Be

Charlee - 11 days old

People warned me; I didn’t listen. I shrugged off their comments with a sigh and a smirk. 

“Enjoy your little one now, she’ll be walking, talking and then before you know it, getting married!” 

It always went something like that. “Don’t blink. Enjoy her now. She won’t stay a baby for long.” 

I now wish that the cliche, overused remarks were a lie. And in the beginning they felt like it.  Those first 3 months crept by. I remember thinking to myself, “Goodness! I can’t wait for Charlee to be 6 months and crawling, eating “real” food, playing, babbling…”

Why was I rushing? WHY was I in such a damn hurry? 

I know what you’re thinking, “But Ashleigh, your daughter is only 8 months!”. While this is true, do you realize that these last 8 months have blown my mind? That I feel as though she was JUST a tiny, soft little ball of an infant that fit so comfortably in the cradle of my arms? That she was JUST inside my belly, kicking and punching, ready to get out and see what this big, beautiful world has in store for her? That her perfect little head, nestled so perfectly on my chest when I held her? 

These last 8 months have been nothing short of amazing and magical and exciting. I can’t imagine how life can be any more beautiful but oh, I know it will be! 

As I was washing dishes after lunch yesterday, I looked over at Charlee who was crawling, babbling and clapping in the living room. It literally took my breath away. I immediately stopped what I was doing to wipe the tears that had collected in my eyes as I watched her. I stood there in the kitchen, watching every move, every giggle, every silly little raspberry from her beautiful, rose shaped lips –  my heart was so full it could have easily burst from my chest. I love everything about her. I love my husband, I love my parents, I love my friends, but this love…..this love is something else.

The moments go too quickly and everyday she opens my eyes to something new. There is a bond between her and I that I know will be tested as she gets older but nothing she will ever do or say will make me love her any less.  So as I’m writing this, I’m crying;  I’m crying because I know that she won’t stay my little baby forever. While it’s difficult to accept, I know it’s a fact of life that all parents go through.

All I ask is that Father Time, please be kind and let me enjoy these little moments before they slip away far too fast.

Charlee - 11 days old

Charlee – 11 days old


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