Cinco de Mayo Margarita Cupcakes

MargaritaOver the weekend, we attended a Cinco de Mayo party with our fellow neighbors and had a wonderful time! Great food, tasty drinks and good people make any event a ton of fun!

I tried to brainstorm something unique to bring to the party and stumbled across a delicious recipe for Margarita Cupcakes (found at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures). Lime + tequila + delicious buttercream = a HUGE hit!

I baked the cupcakes in plain parchment paper cups (but themed cupcake wrappers would look adorable!), topped each with a lime wedge and added a pink paper straw cut in half to make it look like a cute, little drink. People really seemed to like the way they were decorated and I received many compliments on the presentation – little did they know just how simple they were to make! 

I knew there were going to be children at the party, so I needed to be sure to specify that the cupcakes did indeed contain alcohol. My husband actually came up with the cute idea of attaching a little sign to one of the paper straws and then placing it in the empty mini tequila bottle.  


These cupcakes would make a great addition to any Cinco de Mayo party, backyard BBQ or 4th of July gathering. You can absolutely omit the alcohol to make them kid and pregnancy friendly; I’m sure they would still taste just as delicious and refreshing!

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