Cooking with Charlee: Episode 2 (Blueberry Honey Butter!)

Hi there!

So my little sous chef and I FINALLY got around to filming another cooking video – yay!! If you haven’t seen me blasting it all over social media, feel free to take a look below 🙂

We threw together delicious homemade butter and tossed in some fresh blueberries and honey to make, you guessed it, blueberry honey butter! We immediately had to spread it on a slice of hearty Italian bread to taste test it and as you can tell from the video, we gobbled it right up. Tonight I made breakfast for dinner and we slathered the homemade butter on some waffles and paired them with some scrambled eggs. Easy and delicious!


Speaking of easy, butter is made using only heavy cream and a sprinkle of salt. That’s it! You can whip it in a food processor, beat it in a stand mixer (which is what we did) or even shake it in a mason jar. The butter solids will harden up after a while and the liquid that’s leftover is buttermilk. My husband loves adding fresh herbs to homemade butter; we’ve also really enjoyed finely chopped jalapeños and even BACON (you can’t go wrong with bacon, and butter for that matter, haha!). 

Have you ever made butter? If so, what method do you use? 

I invite you to give it a try! 🙂



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