Deli Meat, Stomach Sleeping & A Nice Hot Bath – What Do They Have in Common?

pregnancyAhh…the joys of pregnancy: morning sickness, relentless fatigue, feet so swollen they look like baked potatoes.  Everyone keeps telling me to keep my eye on the prize and remember that the outcome is SO worth it.  While I completely agree, hearing that doesn’t keep me from complaining and sounding a bit like good ol’ Veruca Salt–  I want *sympathy* and I want it NOW!

A friend of mine, who is also pregnant, recently asked me about the things I have missed the most throughout my pregnancy.  My list isn’t incredibly long because I have never been much of an alcohol, caffeine or coffee drinker – three things I have heard my fellow pregnant mama’s reminisce about in regards to pre pregnancy must-haves. With that being said, my list may be short but MAN, what I wouldn’t give for a 12 inch turkey sub on white bread with mayo, lettuce and tomato…

Jimmy John's Turkey Sub

  1. Deli Meat: Something as simple as pressed, lunch meat sounds so silly to admit to craving but you really don’t know a good thing until it’s gone. The ease of throwing together a ham and cheese for a quick lunch or heading to Jimmy John’s to pick up a hoagie is something I miss terribly.  I am ALL about sandwiches during the hot summer months because honestly, who wants to eat hot food that you have to turn your oven or stove on for when it’s 95 degrees and scorching outside? Silver lining: I only have 17 days until my due date.
  2. Stomach Sleeping: This really should be numero uno on the list because this has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with! Prior to pregnancy, I could only fall asleep on my stomach with one leg hiked up and my arms under my pillow.  No matter how many pillows I prop up around me, how tightly I hug my body pillow and how determined I am to stay asleep on my side….the inevitable often happens.   I have to admit, I slept on my stomach up until about month 5 and even now at almost 38 weeks have found myself waking up on my stomach (this TOTALLY disgusts my sister which makes me laugh, haha). I have heard that it’s not recommended to sleep on your belly while breastfeeding either, so the battle will continue. 
  3. Hot Baths: So I have never been a hot, bubble bath kind of gal but there is something about every muscle and joint in my body aching that makes me want to indulge.  What I wouldn’t give for a trip to Lush, a sweet smelling bath bomb and a tub full of hot water to help soothe my aches and pains. *sigh*
  5. Diet Soda: While I typically prefer water, seltzer and juice over soda, there is something about an ice cold, fountain drink that makes me immensely happy every once in a while (my husband would 100% agree – it has something to do with all those bubbles).  As I stated prior, I’m not one to consume very much caffeine, alcohol or coffee but there were times when I would get a hankering for a Diet Caffiene Free Coke in a giant styrofoam cup from Sam’s Club for $.89 and it was glorious. I’ve tried to avoid doing this throughout my pregnancy. 
  6. Comfortably Shaving My Legs: Pre pregnancy, it was so simple to easily lather on the shaving cream and do a quick shave while standing in the shower.  Currently, it’s a giant production! I have found that the easiest way to get the job done is to sit on the edge of our tub, filling the water to a height that I don’t have to bend over too far, smearing on the shaving cream and contorting my body to try to ensure a smooth, clean and nick free shave.  Sometimes it works…other times it doesn’t. 
  7. Shoe Choices: This is one of my major complaints as of late. I was able to make it to almost 37 weeks without one bit of swelling in my feet and ankles (I have heard women say that their feet began to swell at 25 weeks..eek!!).  With that being said, the time has finally come that I am literally walking around “barefoot and pregnant”. Many of my shoes don’t fit and the ones that do still are uncomfortable! Around the house, I am either barefoot or wearing Crocs (glamorous right?) and when I do venture out and about, it’s flip flops or my widest, most comfy flats paired with arch support inserts. 

I’m sure there are a few more I could add to the list but I will close for now. I am eager to hear what you miss most while pregnant! Please share with me in the comments below đŸ™‚

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