DIY Magnetic Board & Storage (Toddler Activity)

Hi guys!

I am famous for organizing and reorganizing and then organizing what I just reorganized. Does that even make any sense? Not sure. Anyways, I’m constantly rearranging the pantry, the refrigerator, bathroom storage and Charlee’s playroom to make it easier to find things, check dates and cycle through toys. Last week, I was cleaning out the closet in my craft room and came across a magnet board from IKEA that we’ve never used. The next day, Charlee and I went to Target and randomly found adorable magnets from the Dollar Spot – such a coincidence, right? I then had the idea to finally install the magnetic board, use a rod with hanging cups (also from IKEA, also has been in a closet, unused) and throw on the magnets we purchased. 


I’m thrilled with how it turned out and Charlee LOVES it. It’s a perfect quiet-time activity and it’s a great way to create stories and inspire Charlee’s imagination. I also took the number and shape magnets we’ve had on the fridge for quite some time, threw them in the mix and it makes for a fun way to go over some educational stuff too!


Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact rod and hanging cups that we have from IKEA but there are many comparable products on the market. I’ve linked a couple below but know that I have seen them at Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, World Market, etc. 

Hanging Rods:




Storage Cups:

FINTORP Utensil Holder

FINTORP Condiment Stand




Let me know what you think! I’ve also seen magnet boards made using baking sheets, oil pans and sheet metal. There are tons of fun ways to include them into your play area.



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