Free Snapfish Mug w/ Tommee Tippee Purchase

As a Tommee Mommee, I get notified of all the wonderful offerings from Tommee Tippee and I want to share the latest with you all!

If you happen to shop at Walmart, Target or Babies R Us, you may have noticed that on Tommee Tippee mealtime accessories and cups, you’ll see a small round sticker promoting a free Snapfish mug. I recently stopped into my local Target to pick up some new insulated straw cups for Charlee and was pleased to see the sticker myself. 

Our trip to Target after Charlee’s soccer practice:

Charlee requested (demanded) that Daddy join her in the cart.

Charlee requested (demanded) that Daddy join her in the cart.

Can't pass up a photo op! ;)

Can’t pass up a photo op! 😉


The cups we decided on and turns out – we love!

I have to mention that I LOVE the new cups I picked up. I needed something that wouldn’t leak and would be a good alternative to Charlee’s well-loved CamelBak water bottle. I love that the cups completely conceal the flexible straw when not in use, all the parts come apart to ensure a clean cup after washing and they keep the water cool since they are double wall insulated. Charlee seems to like them as well 🙂

Onto the mug! As I said, you will find a little sticker with a coupon code for a free personalized mug from Snapfish (you only pay shipping). I’ve always used Snapfish for prints and was excited to try one of their many products that they offer. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease in making the personalized mug and that they had so many cute templates to choose from. I wanted something simple to show off one of my favorite photos (the light was beautiful!) of Charlee from a shoot we had a few months ago. I went with a bright and cheery “Because I’m happy…” design that paired nicely with the photo. 

IMG_4285 IMG_4621 IMG_4622

If you’re in the market for a new product from Tommee Tippee, be sure to check out the Snapfish coupon code for a 2 for 1 special! 




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