Galaxy Fun Park Grand Opening!

Hi everyone!

If you’re a local reader, then chances are you’ve probably heard about Galaxy Fun Park that just opened (today!) in Raleigh. Think about all the fun things that you enjoy doing with your kiddos – laser tag, go karts, ropes course, trampoline park, etc… well NOW imagine them all under one roof! I had the pleasure of attending their soft opening event and I took my husband and 7 year old nephew along with me. We had SUCH an amazing time and quite honestly, I’m not sure who had more fun – the adults or the kids? 😉

When we arrived, we were directed to sign a waiver and then were promptly checked in at the front desk. We arranged our jump time for the trampolines to ensure that they didn’t go over capacity and then made our way to the ropes course. 


Front desk


Friendly staff busy checking everyone in


Ronan and his new buddy


Justin making friends

Spacewalk Ropes Course:


So let me first tell you that I am extremely scared of heights. Like ridiculously scared. Like, I cried when we were hiking a waterfall a few months ago because I thought I was going to fall off the giant rock we were standing on and meet my untimely death. That’s no joke, I honestly cried. I was feeling super confident as the staff were strapping us into our harnesses and to be honest, the height didn’t even cross my mind; it didn’t seem that high from where I was standing on the ground. Well, my point of view changed after I climbed the stairs and had to place my very shaky foot on a very wiggly rope and off of the platform. I decided to tackle the “swing” (for lack of a better word) and jump off the platform and essentially zip line to another platform across the way. It only took me about 5 minutes to gather the courage to do so and not only did I hold up the line but I also had about 10 people offering words of encouragement. Ugh, I’m so embarrassing! My husband, Justin, praised me for having the courage to face my fears which made me feel good. I made my way through the course and then quickly descended the stairs to have my harness removed. PHEW! My nephew, Ronan, and Justin had an absolute blast and stayed on the course much longer than I did. I enjoyed watching them from below with my feet planted safely on the ground. 🙂


Ronan tackling the course


Justin waiting for his turn on the ropes

Cosmic Cafe:


After the ropes course, we decided to grab a bite from the Cosmic Cafe which offered everything from cheeseburgers and fries to pretzels with cheese to funnel cake fries with raspberry sauce. They had a large assortment of food items and I’m sure everyone could find something they will enjoy. We got Ronan a cheeseburger and fries that he ate in about 3 minutes flat, so I’m assuming that means it was good! Justin and I didn’t eat because we’re old and didn’t think our stomachs could handle being full while running and jumping around, haha! 



Orbital Spin Zone:


Orbital Spin Zone

After putting our names in at laser tag, we had about 20 minutes to spare before our group was set to play. We decided to jump in line for the Orbital Spin Zone; this was SO much fun! It reminded me of bumper boats but without water and faster speeds. Oh, and spinning… lots of spinning! Ronan and I had a blast bumping into one another and chasing around unsuspecting strangers. I also thought it was really fun to spin in circles, apparently, because I spent a lot of time doing that as well!


Waiting for our turn 🙂

Galactic Laser Battle:


Listening to the rules before starting

Ronan was most excited about laser tag and Justin and I decided to tag along with him to see what it was all about. There were 21 people in our group and we were divided into 3 teams; we were the green team and I was given the name Phoenix. The staff went over all of the rules and then it was time to get suited up! This was only my second time playing laser tag and let’s just say that I’m not going to be winning any awards or competitions based on my skills – I came in dead last. We entered the arena and then spent the next 15 minutes or so (not sure exactly how long we were in there but I would guess that it was about that) walking around trying to shoot our opponents. Did I mention just how awful I was? Oh, I did. Well let me stress, I. WAS. AWFUL. Ronan and Justin had a really good time and both said they liked how the arena was two levels and there were tons of props to hide behind. 

Galaxy Speedway:


Orbital Spin Zone, ropes course, cafe, go karts and laser tag

Next, we rode the indoor electric go-karts, which was a blast! I talked a big game about how I was going to win but sadly, Justin and Ronan lapped me…twice. Ronan decided to ride with Justin because I think he had faith that Justin would win – which was a good assumption because he did! I loved that they were electric so A. They were indoors B. They didn’t give off any fumes or smell and C. They weren’t insanely loud. They also had a turbo button that we could use 3 times which made our cars go faster after pushing it. I used mine pretty quickly after we started but Justin used his strategically to his advantage. We had a blast!

Galaxy Jump Zone:

Last but not least, we visited the trampoline area. I decided to go with Ronan and Justin was going to sit out because his back has been bothering him lately. That didn’t last long because we recruited him for our dodgeball team! The trampoline area was quite large and included two dodgeball courts, a basketball area and a giant jumping bag. The staff were extremely helpful, especially when acting as refs for our dodgeball games. There were colorful lights all around and everyone seemed to be having a great time!

Mission Control:


(Photo taken from

Mission control was the only attraction that we didn’t take part in simply because it’s designed for youngsters. It’s a giant “cube” of obstacles, slides and play areas that looks like tons of fun for the little ones. I can’t wait to take Charlee back to check it out!

Birthday Party Room:

On my way out, I was able to snap a couple photos of the birthday party rooms. Ronan was already telling me to tell his mom (my sister), “I want to have my next party here!”. Me too kid, me too. 


Birthday party room


Seating in the birthday party room

Overall, we had an absolute blast! I liked how everything was priced a la carte so you could pick and choose what you wanted to do. They also offered an “All Around the Galaxy Pass” that allows you to do each attraction once, for a flat rate of $30. The good thing about that is that if you don’t get to everything in one day, it doesn’t expire and you can go back and participate in whatever you didn’t get to during your first visit. 

If you’re interested in checking it out, today was their official grand opening! You can find out more information at their site here. They are located at 14460 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC 27614  and are open 7 days a week. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners and he was super helpful and just as nice as can be. I’m looking forward to going back soon! 





  1. Dennis Craddock says:

    Can you pay for individual tickets for events you will do & not do the entire park? Smaller grandkids with Grandparents?

    • Ashleigh says:

      Hi Dennis!

      You can absolutely pay for individual attractions. They have it set up à la carte so you could go in and say, only ride the go-karts or only play a game of laser tag. As for the smaller kiddos, they have the Mission Control area that is $5 for unlimited playtime. Parents/Grandparents/caregivers/etc. do not have a fee unless of course they want to get in on the action! 😉

      Let me know if you have any more questions and I’m more than happy to help!


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