GhostPillow Review – Supernatural Sleep or Slumber Sadness?

Sleep – something that we look forward to every night but may not be getting enough of. Between kiddos who climb into your bed at 2am, a husband who tosses and turns, the hot/cold dilemma and early morning wake-ups to fit in a workout, you want to do everything you possibly can to get those peaceful 8 hours you long for all day!


I recently was sent a pillow that stays cool – GhostPillow– to take for a test drive in hopes of supernatural and uninterrupted slumber. Have you heard of the GhostPillow (or maybe the GhostBed)? If not, let me give you a quick rundown of just what makes this pillow so special.

  • Each GhostPillow includes:
    101-Night Sleep Trial
    Free Shipping
    Industry leading 5 year warranty
  • Phase Change Material: Thermo Sensitive Technology that senses heat and adjusts to keep your sleeping environment temperature neutral. 
  • Performance Fabric: The fabric is cool to the touch and is moisture wicking on the Phase Change side.
  • Aerated Gel Memory Foam: This allows air to circulate and creates a more plush, responsive feel.
  • Embroidered “Ice” Fabric Cover: Ice Fabric is cool to the touch, ultra plush and kind to your skin. It’s removable for easy care. 
  • Supernatural Comfort: The pillow is ergonomically designed to adjust to your neck and head for ideal spinal alignment. It’s supportive, yet plush, and molded of solid pure gel memory foam. 

Now that we have the features covered, you probably want to know what I think of it, right? 

Okay, so I have to be 100% honest – I didn’t love it. I really, really wanted to because you guys – it ACTUALLY feels cold to the touch. I need that in my life but sadly, here are my reasons why:

  1. I’m a stomach sleeper (and I sleep with my arm under the pillow). The GhostPillow doesn’t have enough give and I felt as though I was sleeping on a (super cooling and comfy) foam board. Does that even make any sense? Haha! Hopefully you get the drift!
  2. It wasn’t plush enough for me. Again, I’m a stomach sleeper and I like a firm, yet fluffy, pillow. The memory foam just didn’t work for me. 
  3. I toss and turn and flip and flop. I felt like I couldn’t properly move without having to fully adjust myself and the pillow.

With all of that being said – I GAVE IT TO MY HUSBAND AND HE’S OBSESSED! He absolutely loved the cooling feel, the memory foam and felt as though the spinal alignment was perfect! He has a history of back problems and often wakes up with a kink in his neck – he hasn’t had an issue since using the GhostPillow. He said that it offered wonderful support of his neck and felt comfortable on his shoulders and back. He didn’t have to flip the pillow over to “get to the cold side” because the entire thing is the “cold side” 😉 Justin sleeps on his back and side mostly, so if you’re like him (and not a stomach sleeper like I am!) then I have a feeling you’ll love this pillow as well. 


***This review is sponsored. I was sent the GhostPillow for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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