Halloween Apple Bites – Quick & Easy Spooky Snack!

Hi there!

As I’m sure you’re aware, Halloween is quickly approaching – next Monday to be exact! I’ve been busy thinking of fun ways to incorporate the spoOoOoky holiday into activities, crafts and snacks for Charlee. We’ve painted pumpkins, constructed paper pumpkins, colored bats, spider dot-to-dot art…we’ve eaten just about everything pumpkin you could imagine as well! I can’t say that I’m mad at that 😉 Charlee’s Halloween costume is just about finished, with the exception of a few minor details. Stay tuned next week and I’ll share her adorable little self in said costume. Her Grandma made it because of course, it wasn’t something we could just easily buy in stores. Go figure. 

This little treat is something that’s been floating around Pinterest and the internet for quite a while now but it was my first time making it. It’s super simple, relatively healthy and toddler (and mom!) approved. 

All you need is apple slices, peanut butter and mini marshmallows.

  1. Spread peanut butter onto two apple slices.
  2. Place marshmallow “teeth” on top of one slice.
  3. Add the second apple slice on top and smoosh (yes, I’m aware that smoosh may not be a real word but I like it, okay?) together to ensure that the marshmallows stay in place.

If you’re making these for a party, playdate or anything else that they will be sitting out for a bit, I recommend soaking the apple slices in lemon juice (or pineapple juice is yummy!) prior to make sure that they don’t turn brown. You can also just use the pre-sliced apples in a bag, carried in the refrigerated produce section of most grocery stores. 

These toothy treats take minutes to make and I’m sure they will disappear equally as fast. So go ahead, put on your “Pinterest Mom” hat and make them! 😉 



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