Happy Birthday Franco!

This post has been saved as a draft for about a week now – sheesh! Things have been busy around the Glitter Cottage household lately! 

If you know me personally or if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that we have two incredibly sweet pups, Franco & Allie.

420789_10151047569181881_461922187_n 1377183_10151614536896881_559181483_n Allie is our perpetual puppy, full of life and giver of the best kisses. Allie and Charlee are completely inseparable and the absolute BEST of friends. We found Allie through a local rescue and she’s just the sweetest, most lovable pup – EVER.

479433_10150607155341881_822664301_o 1607096_10151859056081881_1148136764_nFranco is our Staffordshire Bull Terrier who enjoys nibbling the fuzz off of tennis balls, passing gas when we have guests, snorting, jumping into baby pools full of water and eating. He also has been Justin’s best bud since he got him when he was around a year old. Not to get too deep but Franco has been there through ups, downs, hardships and exciting life changes. It’s crazy that he just turned 12 a couple weeks ago! Technically, we celebrate both dogs’ on the same day since we aren’t completely sure of Allie’s birthday. They don’t seem to mind. 😉

IMG_4948 IMG_4959

A birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake! I decided to throw together a dog friendly cake including:

  • Bananas
  • Applesauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Oat flour
  • Rolled oats
  • Greek yogurt

I topped it all off with a mixture of Greek yogurt and peanut butter (which is also one of my favorite snacks!). We were able to snag a couple photos prior to the dogs chowing down.
IMG_4958 IMG_4957 IMG_4950

It was a gorgeous day full of doggy snuggles and peanut butter kisses! Charlee made them a card (haha!) and we even sang happy birthday. Not sure who enjoyed it most, the dog children or the human child. 

Do you celebrate your pets birthday? Or do you think we’re a bunch of weirdos? 🙂 Let me know!




  1. Marcus says:

    I think your husband is a weirdo but not you!!!! I miss my puppies every single day. The ones that are alive and have passed. They are not just pets but part of the family and thats why I would celebrate things like this. They are special parts of our lives and they deserve to be spoiled and have treats every once in a while.

    PS you sure its not Justin who passes the gas and blames it on Franco?

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