Happy Birthday Pups! (Dog Birthday Cake Recipe)

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Baby Franco


Yesterday, Franco turned 10 years old. I can’t believe our little big man is double digits! We also celebrated Allie’s birthday yesterday as well. We rescued Allie when she was around 2 years old (we think) and we aren’t sure when her exact birthday is, so we celebrate it on Mr. Man’s! We think she’s somewhere around 8 or 9 but acts like she’s still a little pup! 

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Franco & Allie

Naturally, my husband requested that I make the dogs a birthday cake. I searched Pinterest for ideas and ended up combining a few to make my own concoction; I loosely followed this one. It turned out great and I fed Charlee some of the extra that wasn’t used in their cakes. It’s actually something that I will be making again for Charlee because she really liked it, it was healthy and super easy to make. I tried it myself and am not ashamed to say that it’s something that I would probably even enjoy for dinner one night. 

Fresh out the oven!

Fresh out of the oven! 


Decorated and ready to serve


Chowing down! 🙂


Charlee wanted in on the action….and succeeded! (None went into her mouth thankfully!)

Charlee's serving of the "birthday cake"

Charlee’s serving of the “birthday cake” (Disclaimer: This was made separately from the slobbery mess shown in the photos!) 🙂

We also got video of the dogs (& Charlee) attacking the birthday cakes; it’s quite a frenzy! Once I upload it, I will insert it into this post as well as share on Facebook. 

Happy Birthday Franco & Allie! We love you and can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring! <3


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