Home Sweet Home – My Last Visit Home Pre-Baby

It’s funny how throughout my pregnancy, I have stated such things as “this is our last Thanksgiving without a baby”, “this is our last New Year’s Eve without a baby”, “this is my last visit home without a baby”….you get the idea.  I don’t say these things with any ounce of negativity; I just have a different outlook and complete anticipation and joy when it comes to bringing our sweet little Charlee into this world! I know this is an important time in our lives, prior to becoming parents forever.

Last week, I was able to get out of town and enjoy some quality time with my parents in my hometown of Swansboro, NC. I kicked back and relaxed, picked up some last minute items for baby girl’s nursery, took a walk on the beach with my Mom and her dog, Bella, and ate at one of my favorite restaurants.  It was nice to take the time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet prior to the whirlwind that’s about to occur in just around a month and a half.

My adorable Mom :)

My adorable Mom 🙂

Bella needed a nap after our walk on the beach

Bella napping after our walk on the beach

I definitely was spoiled by growing up just 3 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Emerald Isle. I took advantage of living there and now often find myself longing to take a trip home to the coast. While I love the beach and my small hometown, I am excited about raising Charlee in a larger city full of diversity, culture and TONS of things to do and see.

With that being said, there really is no place like home and I can’t wait for our little girl’s first trip to the beach!


It's a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea...

It’s a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea…

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