Honest Truth: Aqua Coat Review & New Playroom Shelving!

Hi there! I want to share with you just how awesome my husband is AND how awesome Aqua Coat‘s water based stain in Pecan is. IMG_2953

I’ve been begging my husband to put shelves in a little nook that we have in Charlee’s play zone and I knew once I received the beautiful stain from Aqua Coat, that I wanted them stained instead of painted. 

In Charlee’s room, I had all of her art supplies, blocks, puzzles, games, etc. all within arms reach and she made sure to reach them often. I put some things in her closet  but to be honest, completely forgot about them and they never got used/played with! (#Momfail) I wanted things to be easily accessible (for me) and for her to be able to point at what she wanted, when she wanted to play with it. 

Justin picked up some unfinished wood and bolts to make the shelves. Prior to constructing them, he put on some gloves and went to town on staining the wood! He was actually able to do it inside our house because Aqua Coat stain gave off zero fumes and didn’t smell at all. We live in an old converted textile mill with no direct access to the outside, so this made it super easy and quick – instead of having to go in and out the main doors to the lawn behind the building in the freezing cold. 


I am BEYOND happy with the finished product. I told Justin that I now know that I’m an adult because something as silly as shelves, makes me so happy! The play area now has a cozy little nook with shelves to display all of Charlee’s puzzles, art supplies, games, books and blocks. The Pecan Aqua Coat stain is a warm, beautiful brown and looks wonderful with our 120+ year old maple floors. 


**I received this product for free but all opinions and reviews are my own. I have not been compensated for my review.**


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  1. (The husband) says:

    Expert tip: The little yellow triangles under the wood can be picked up at Lowes or Home Depot. They make painting and staining 100x easier!

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