The Honest Truth: Big Slice Product Review


Cinnamon French Toast, Boysenberry Chocolate and Cherry Vanilla

As I was aimlessly walking around Target, which I find myself doing quite often, I came across these cute little packages of Big Slice apples.  The unique and intriguing flavors, fun and bright packaging and the sale price of 2 for $3 immediately grabbed my attention. I picked out a few varieties and walked my happy self to the checkout line.  

I was excited to eat them straight from the package as a quick snack but when I showed them to Justin, he quickly replied, “These would be awesome on waffles!”. The man requested waffles so waffles he received. 

Flavor Breakdown:
Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Vanilla

  • Cherry Vanilla: This was the flavor that first caught my attention.  I’m a sucker for anything cherry flavored so I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Upon opening, I noticed that it smelled really great and I got hints of both tart cherry and sweet vanilla. I poured the gooey apples into a bowl and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds because well, nobody likes cold toppings on warm waffles. Both Justin and I really enjoyed this flavor! As I said, I love anything cherry flavored although if it tastes too artificial, it takes me right back to my childhood with Mom force feeding me cherry flavored medicine – bleh.  THIS did not happen and with that being said, I would rate the Cherry Vanilla a 7 out of 10. 
Boysenberry Chocolate

Boysenberry Chocolate

  • Boysenberry Chocolate:  Mmmm….berries and chocolate make a perfect combination.  I ate this flavor straight out of the pouch as the package suggests and while I really enjoyed the flavor, I wasn’t as fond of the texture.  You see, I love the taste of berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries….  What I don’t love is the itty bitty seeds that get stuck between every single tooth and the unpleasant crunch associated. Flavor = great! Texture = unfortunate. I’d give this a 5 out of 10 due to those pesky seeds. 
Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast

  • Cinnamon French Toast: I saved the best for last. Right off the bat, this smells JUST like cinnamon french toast. I figured this would taste like the mediocre cinnamon apples you get at restuarants and I must admit that I was completely wrong.  I found myself wanting more once I finished eating devouring the pouch.  This flavor would be awesome as a topping on waffles, pancakes and ice cream or even mixed in with your morning oatmeal.  I plan on heading back to Target soon to stock up on this flavor to take with us on our vacation next week to Hilton Head.  I’m excited to see if my 5 year old nephew and 2 year old niece, who are quite picky eaters, enjoy these yummy (and healthy!) snacks.  I rate this flavor 10 out of 10. Charlee says that she can’t wait to grow up so that she can try Big Slice apples! đŸ˜‰


Have you tried them? If so, what flavors are you loving? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook!




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