The Honest Truth: Caramel Apple Oreo Review

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September is knocking at our door and with that, we’ll welcome sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, corn mazes and….Caramel Apple Oreo’s?

caramel apple oreos

If you’re like me, when you think of Oreo’s you think of those addictive little chocolate wafers of heaven filled with a sickeningly sweet yet oh-so-good cream center. Although lately, you may have seen some of the new varieties lining your supermarket shelves such as cookie dough, watermelon and crispy rice treat. Having tried a few of the unique flavors, I can still say that the good ol’ original are my standing favorites…until now. 

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Oh yes, I went there. The fluorescent green and brown filling smushed between the two golden Oreo wafers offers a unique and satisfying flavor very much comparable to a granny smith caramel apple! I bought them on a whim during one of my (daily) trips to Target and honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for these babies. I thought they would have a super artificial sweet and sour flavor going on and I didn’t know how they would taste paired with the Golden Oreo. The flavor reminds me of those sticky Caramel Apple Pops  that can be found on the countless aisles of Halloween candy beginning around this time of year. 

caramel apple oreo cookies

Final verdict = I like them and Justin like’s them so thats two big thumbs up! Have you tried them or would you be interested in giving them a go? Let me know what you think! đŸ™‚

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