The Honest Truth – NoseFrida Product Review

NoseFrida Review

My sweet little one has come down with her first case of the sniffles. While visiting family last week, I noticed Charlee had a bit of a stuffy nose making it hard for her to eat and sleep comfortably.  I attempted to use the bulb syringe that we brought home from the hospital but it just didn’t seem to do the trick.  

Once we got home from our trip, I headed to Target to pick up Boogie Mist (LOVE IT!) and the NoseFrida.  We had the NoseFrida on our baby shower registry but I think people were a bit grossed out by it and we sadly didn’t receive it.  While planning for the baby, we managed to get everything else….except the NoseFrida! Although after 2 months, I can now say that we are the proud new owners of the best snot sucker out there!

I must admit that I was completely disgusted and appalled at the idea of using my mouth to suck the boogers out of my child’s nose. I may or may not have asked my husband, “You want me to DO WHAT? Won’t the boogers get in my mouth and I will puke and cry and hit you for making me do such a disgusting and ewvile thing?!” Let me ease your stress – the boogers do not enter your mouth! They don’t even come in contact with your mouth, lips or tongue, I promise! There’s a little sponge-like filter that keeps those nasty boogies from getting close to your kisser.  


Prior to bedtime or when Charlee is a bit stopped up before a feeding, I spray some of the Boogie Mist up each nostril and allow it to sit for 10 seconds.  Surprisingly, she doesn’t hate the saline spray and I have found that the Boogie Mist offers a much finer mist than other brands. After the saline has helped break up the mucous (gross word!), I put the tip of the NoseFrida at the opening, not inside,  of each nostril and lightly suck.  The amount of gunk that comes out is mind boggling and my little one’s sniffer is free and clear, making it much easier for her to breathe.  

Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the NoseFrida (and Boogie Mist!) and would recommend it to everyone. It greatly surpasses the function of the old school bulbs and gets the job done. 

Do you own a NoseFrida and if so, do you love it? If you don’t currently have one, would you be interested in trying one out? Let me know in the comments below! 


**This is my personal opinion of the product and I have not been compensated for my review of the NoseFrida**

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