Incredible, Edible Egg Cups Recipe

Mornings are rough. I am not a morning person. 

Pair my general disdain for early mornings with a crying, hungry baby, dogs that impatiently need to be let out and a husband who also is not a morning person – it’s sometimes hard to open my eyes and let the light in. I often times would love to make like an ostrich and bury my head under my pillow. 

Speaking of ostriches, they lay eggs. Chickens also lay eggs. Eggs are a wonderfully easy breakfast for this crabby, non-morning person. 

This brings me to these delicious baked egg cups! These are so incredibly easy, versatile and a quick and healthy meal (or snack). My husband and I love them for a breakfast on the go, packed for lunch or we’ve also been known to eat these for dinner as well. Pick your favorite ingredients, throw them in a greased muffin tin, bake and enjoy! As I said, I typically make a large batch to keep in my fridge whenever hunger strikes or we need a last minute meal. Feel free to use whatever add-ins you like – bacon and cheese, spinach, sausage and mushrooms….

I decided on spinach, ham and cheese for this batch.


Place fresh spinach leaves into a greased muffin tin. 
Layer chopped ham on top of spinach leaves.IMG_3983
Crack eggs directly onto spinach and ham layers. 
Sprinkle cheese on each cup.IMG_3987
Bake at 375º for about 18 minutes.
Enjoy your easy, fast and delicious little egg cups! 




    • Ashleigh says:

      Thank you! They are perfect for a quick meal that’s both healthy and simple. I made some in advance and took them with us to the mountains this weekend in a cooler so we would have something to eat in the mornings without having to run to the nearest pancake house (although that would have been delicious as well!).

      When are you due?!

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