Keep Your Head Up, Buttercup


This evening was rough. Let me cut to the chase – I. am. out. of. shape. 

Prior to my pregnancy, I was in a wonderful place physically.  Was I at my lowest weight or my goal weight? Absolutely not; but, you know what? I was confident, healthy and proud of my progress.  I was in the gym 4 times a week, eating right and feeling really great! With the help of my awesome husband, I was learning a lot about weight lifting and really enjoying it; so much that we even  discussed the idea of me competing.  The muscles that I didn’t even know existed were actually pretty strong when I paid a little attention to them!

Fast forward to this evening: I am 4 months postpartum and about 11 pounds higher than my pre-pregnancy weight. My pre-pregnancy clothes still fit (which is a huge plus!) but I just don’t feel the same nor do I feel like I look the same.  I was pretty hard on myself tonight and I can’t lie, I definitely shed some tears. Again, I am so thankful for my amazing husband who knows exactly what to say to not only bring me back to reality but to make me feel good; to feel good about my pregnancy “battle scars”, to feel good about the ability to grow a happy and healthy baby for 40+ weeks and to feel good about being healthy, regardless of how I may look in the mirror.  

This evening was rough. And now here’s my choice and my choice alone – I can continue not working out regularly and eating poorly while making excuses (I DID just have a baby and I DID just move….) OR I can stop the negative self talk and poor body image and get my ass in gear.  

This is my commitment so myself and to anyone reading this:

I think I’ll choose the latter. 


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