Local Spotlight: Tansformations Mobile Spray Tanning

Sunless Seduction collageSpring is here and summer is sure to follow! I’m not sure about where you’re from but here in NC, the days are heating up, people are flocking to the beach and pool and everyone is packing away their sweaters and scarves. I tend to be more of a fall and winter kind of gal but I welcomed spring with open arms as we had a long, cold winter! Along with the warmer temperatures comes cute dresses, open-toed shoes, tanks and shorts – the only problem with that is the ghostly pale skin that is no longer hidden under long sleeves and pants. Yikes!

In my youth, I was a sun worshipper, which I’m not proud to admit. Throughout high school, I would go tanning at least every other day and hit the beach to layout a few times a week. I LOVED my dark, bronzed skin and I ignorantly, wasn’t aware of all the risks and potential harm I was putting my body through. Now that I’m older and wiser (much wiser!), I apply sunscreen faithfully, use self tanning products and sport a hat on pool and beach days.  Being tan makes me feel more confident but the risks are just far too scary.

All of this brings me to my local spotlight – Tansformations Mobile Spray Tanning! I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany, owner of Tansformations, when she came to my home a couple weeks ago to tan me. What an awesome experience with great results; I felt a bit like a celebrity being spray tanned in my own home, haha! Tiffany, who was super sweet, helpful and thorough, walked me through the steps and what to expect. I had only ever had Mystic Tans before and didn’t quite know the process of the mobile spray tan – I was used to the stinky, scary, enclosed booth, bleh! She was in and out within 20 minutes, left zero mess and absolutely no smell. Just look at how fast her mobile spray tan booth was set up!

Once the booth was set up, I stepped onto the towel inside and was told to apply the barrier cream on my hands and feet. Once that was done, it was time to start the spray. As I said, Tiffany walked me through all of the poses and positions I would hold while she applied the tan. I’m not going to lie, it felt a bit like yoga but I knew it was all to ensure a solid, even tan. The actual spraying only lasted a couple of minutes and was followed by a quick “blow dry” of my skin before I was told to step out and get dressed. Since I was at home, I hopped into my comfiest pajama pants and a robe. The color was INSTANT and looked awesome! I was told not to shower for 24 hours and to keep as dry and sweat-free as possible.  

Sometimes, the blur feature could come in handy in real life ;)

Sometimes, the blur feature could come in handy in real life đŸ˜‰

I loved the convenience of the mobile spray tan. Charlee, my 12 month old, was actually napping when she came over and wasn’t disturbed at all. I also loved that I didn’t have to worry about the weather; that sounds silly, so let me explain. I went to a local tanning salon for a spray tan prior to our vacation to Hilton Head last year. I wanted to get tanned right before we left so that way the tan would be fresh and last throughout our trip. Well, sadly, when I went in for my spray tan, it was raining cats and dogs! I left the salon afterwards and was SO very careful to not get wet, dodging the raindrops and using a raincoat and umbrella….so I thought. It wasn’t until the next day, after my shower, that I noticed I was as speckled as a leopard and looked absolutely horrible! Needless to say, I learned my lesson! 

Beautifully bronzed at Charlee's 1st birthday!

Beautifully bronzed at Charlee’s 1st birthday!

I wanted you all to get a thorough feel for Tansformations so I did a little Q&A with Tiffany. 

When and why did you start Tansformations?

Tansformations was founded in 2012 in collaboration with my sister-in-law. Mobile spray tanning seemed big in other large cities and I saw the opportunity for the need here. It started as a fun side hobby but has quickly grown as a local favorite mobile spray tanning company here in the Triangle. It has truly become my passion. I love making my clients feel like a celebrity. 

What is your background?

I am NC State Board licensed Esthetician and certified spray tanning technician trained through Norvell University, and an Aveda trained makeup artist. 

Tell me a bit about pricing…

Single session = $45

Express Session (you can shower in just 1 hour!) = $55

We also offer monthly packages as well as bridal packages. Our $5 off deals include:

 First time clients
Like us on FaceBook
Rebook during your appointment
Bring a friend to tan
Show your student ID
Tan on your birthday (with valid ID)
Review us on Yelp

 What type of products do you use?

We are dedicated to providing clients with the most natural tan possible in a safe, healthy, and effective way. We use Norvell solutions which are always paraben and cruelty free. I love our solutions because not only do they nourish and revitalize your skin, they also smell great! Best of all the solutions are formulated to give you that just off the beach color never turning you orange!

Overall, I was 100% satisfied with both the service and the results. So much so, that I am already brainstorming parties and events that I can incorporate Tiffany and Tansformations! 

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