Local Spotlight: Women’s Wellness Massage

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Hi local mamas and mama-to-be’s! This blog post is specifically directed at YOU.

But first, a quick little backstory: Pregnancy was hard for me. Like really, really hard. I was sick the entire time, I experienced painful round ligament pain, my skin was horribly broken out and I was just so dang tired all the time. I have a beautiful, healthy toddler running circles around me so I must say that I wouldn’t have changed a thing about those 41 long weeks.

Back to this post – I was gifted a prenatal massage by my wonderful husband in hopes that it would help with back pain and tight muscles all while providing some quiet, relaxation time; it was the complete opposite.  My massage therapist massaged wayyyy too hard and then wayyyy too lightly. She talked the entire time and was asking me a million questions throughout the 60 minute session. She told me all about her daughter and her horrible pregnancy and labor. Needless to say, it was not a very peaceful or enjoyable hour. 

This brings me to Women’s Wellness Massage, a new in-home massage studio focused on fertility and pregnancy massage. I often wish WWM was around throughout my pregnancy and maybe I could have caught some relief! 

Women’s Wellness Massage is located in North Raleigh, within the Brier Creek community. Ashley Cimino, owner and massage therapist, operates the studio out of her beautiful home and a cozy, spa-like massage room. All services include choices for hot tea, cool infused water, aromatherapy, warm neck pillow and relaxing sounds. There is also a dedicated bath with shower available. 


If you or someone you know is looking for a wonderful experience, I highly recommend Women’s Wellness Massage. As I said, WWM is owned and operated by licensed and fully insured therapist, Ashley Cimino. Ashley is passionate about massage and educating those who enter her home on the benefits of massage therapy. With specialty services focusing on fertility and pregnancy massage, her goal is to offer a safe and nurturing environment and to help women achieve total wellness throughout their various life cycles. 

If you’re interested in a list of services, you’ll find them here. Want to contact Ashley or schedule an appointment? Book online or give her a call at (201) 258-0505.

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