Moms Don’t Take Sick Days

Sick days just aren’t the same since becoming a mom. I will say that I have been fortunate and haven’t really been under the weather since having Charlee but that healthy streak came to a screeching halt yesterday evening; I quickly began feeling achy and congested with a dry cough and overall exhaustion. I have to give a shoutout to my husband for being amazing and promptly hitting Target for some “get well” essentials: soup, cough drops and cookies (you can’t tell me that cookies don’t make you feel better!). 

After a long night of horrible sleep, I woke up to the sound of my little one babbling with her Daddy in her room (again, thanks Justin for handling her first thing this morning!). I pushed back the warm blankets and stepped foot on the cold hardwood floor and it hit me – I can’t take an “official” sick day. I can’t lounge around in my pjs, binge watching Friends and eating Campbell’s soup; I have an (almost) 9 month old little girl to take care of and feed and bathe, not to mention two dogs to take out for potty breaks!

This was one of the points in my adulthood when I wanted to put on my best pout, cross my arms with a “hmph!” and complain about how crappy it is to grow up. I remember the good ol’ days with zero responsibility and a wonderful Mom who would wait on my every want and need (thanks Mom!). Now the roles are reversed and I have to not only care for my sick, zombie self but also for my dear Charlee. 

But you know what? I have a smiling, happy baby – who stills takes two 2 hour naps – to help me get through this yucky day. 

And cookies.


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