New Mom Pet Peeves


My sweet little baby will soon be 3 months old. On one hand I can’t believe it; on the other hand I feel like, “My goodness! It’s ONLY been three months?!?”.  It’s so much fun to see Charlee learn and grow each and every day and I absolutely love being her mommy.  You know what I don’t love? Well continue reading and you’ll find out! I struggled with what to name this post but here you have it folks – these are the things that have driven me crazy since I have become a mom. 

  • Strangers asking if I’m breastfeeding. For one, I don’t know you nor would I like to discuss my breasts with you. It’s none of your business how I’m feeding my child and I don’t care to hear your opinion on the battle of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. My baby, my choice. 
  • DON’T. TOUCH. MY. BABY. Plain and simple….don’t touch, poke, hug, pat or even breathe on her unless A. You’re family or friends (and that may be questionable at times) or B. I give you permission.
  • Crappy baby products. Huggies brand wipes were put on this earth to annoy the living heck out of my husband and I. Imagine this scenario: Your sweet little baby has a blowout and you’re frantically trying to get a wipe out of the container all while trying to keep her from wiggling, crying and sticking her foot in the mess; the only problem is, the wipes are Huggies brand and tear when you go to remove it from the container. You go on to try to wipe your little one’s bum with a half torn and shredded piece of cloth that’s lacking moisture and doesn’t glide on her skin like other brands (**Pampers**). Annoying, RIGHT? Also, Target brand “Diaper Genie” refills suck. If you try them, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 
  • Asking if my pregnancy was planned or if we were trying. If I wanted you to know this personal information, you would already know and wouldn’t have to ask. Asking if someone is “trying” to have a baby is pretty much saying, “Hey! Are you and your husband having sex?!” It’s not right….it’s just. not. right. 
  • Hearing my baby cry and telling ME why she is crying.  She’s MY baby! I think I will know better than you why she is upset. Oh, and you saying, “Is she hungry? Is she wet? Is she tired?” makes me want to smack you. 
  • The looks on people’s faces when I say my daughter’s name is Charlee. Again…this makes me want to smack you. YES, Charlee is typically a boys name. People are naming their kids Apple, Tulip and Hurricane these days but, you’re offended when I tell you that her name is Charlee? Move along. 

And this, my friends, concludes my current list of new mom pet peeves. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably at least 150 more that I could add but these are the ones that really get me heated. 

I would LOVE to hear what some of your annoyances and pet peeves are! Let me know on Facebook or within the comments below. 


    • Ashleigh says:

      Haha, I’m glad you liked them! And as for #4…I get SO embarrassed when people ask this question. My response is always something like, “Umm..well…we…maybe….leave me alone” đŸ˜‰

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