A New Mom’s List of Newborn Must-Haves

Charlee is officially 2 weeks old. I can’t believe I am finally saying that.

My. daughter. is. 2. weeks. old. – So crazy!

After a pretty lengthy induction and two short days in the hospital, we have been settling in quite nicely and getting to know our sweet baby girl. We’ve not only been getting to know Charlee but, we’ve been learning quite a bit about breastfeeding, diaper and wipe preference, what a healthy poop looks like and how to introduce a newborn to two spoiled and loving dogs. I’ve put together this list of newborn must-haves because these are items that have made our lives as new parents much easier throughout our first couple weeks at home.  I’ll elaborate a bit on why these items are particularly necessary so I invite you to continue reading below!


  1. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock’n Play Sleeper – There’s a reason this bad boy has a ridiculous amount of wonderful reviews posted all over the internet – it’s amazing!! I assumed it would be a good place for Charlee to take naps and contain her while I did dishes or cooked a meal; I definitely underestimated it’s function. The Rock’n Play Sleeper is actually what Charlee sleeps in mostly every night (she sleeps well in her crib but I am having a hard time not being close to her!). It not only rocks gently but offers a soft vibration that helps soothe her to sleep. It also has a slight incline so if your baby tends to spit up or has acid reflux, I imagine this would help! It folds up super easy, can be toted room to room and comes with a toy attachment for when baby gets a bit older.  The Rock’n Play paired with the Woombie (info below) is a perfect match. ** I sound like a used car salesman but, I really cannot sing high enough praises **
  2. Original Woombie – I had never heard of the Woombie prior to receiving a package addressed to Charlee (her first piece of mail – so exciting!) with two of the snuggly swaddlers inside.  These things are perfect! We also have the SwaddleMe wraps and the Aden + Anais swaddlers mentioned below but the Woombie wins the battle of the swaddle blankets for sure. It’s extremely easy to put on thanks to the zipper and the fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable.  At bedtime, we put Charlee in the Woombie, place her in her Rock’n Play Sleeper and she’s all set for snoozing. 
  3. Aden + Anais Swaddle Wraps – I love these. We have used them to swaddle, keep her warm, draped over her stroller on a buggy evening walk, in the car, on the floor, at the doctor’s office….you get the idea. They are nice and big, extremely soft, light enough for warm weather and come in many cute prints and patterns.  I foresee us using these for quite some time.  
  4. Infant Emery Boards – Ahh…those pesky newborn nails! Charlee came out of the womb with razor nails and I quickly learned why you often see infants wearing mittens (also a mandatory, must-have) – to keep them from scratching their sweet little faces.  Fingernail clippers were too intimidating and I didn’t want to cut her soft baby skin, so we broke out the emery boards and got to work on cleaning up her baby claws. 
  5. Carter’s Cotton Snap-Up Sleep & Play – As I was in labor, it dawned on us that we didn’t have ANY newborn clothes. Everyone seemed to say, “Buy 0-3 months”, “She probably will be too big for newborn”, “They only stay in newborn for a week or so” -we listened to the peanut gallery but then realized that our poor little girl didn’t have anything to wear! Thank goodness for my parents; they left the hospital to do some shopping and returned with 10 of the sweetest little outfits, 3 of which were the Carter’s Sleep & Play’s. These are easy to get on/off, super cozy and come with an extra piece of fabric around the wrist that folds over to cover her hands (again, to keep those nails from scratching her baby doll face!). 
  6. Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion – I received this as one of the many samples you get when you register at certain stores. I didn’t think much of it and after seeing the price tag at our local Target, I figured I would use the sample and not be interested in spending the money on it. That was before I tried it. Charlee’s little ankles were extremely dry the first week or so and I was scared to use anything with fragrance (yes, even the well-known pink bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion). I looked online at reviews and saw that many people were pleased with the Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion so I figured it was worth a shot. I will definitely be purchasing this once our sample runs out! It’s silky, non greasy texture rubs in nicely and has a soft and subtle scent. Charlee’s skin feels great and I must say that she is quite fond of her daily lotion massages. 
  7. 34 oz. Bubba Mug – So this is more for mama and not so much for baby! Justin came home with this giant mug after a quick trip for necessities our first day at home. The 34 oz Bubba mug paired with the Bubba big straws has not left my hand since I’ve been home (only a slight exaggeration).  Breast feeding makes me extremely thirsty and I love that this mug is insulated, humongous, has a large handle and can fit the silicone straw. 
  8. Graco Snugrider Elite – My postpartum recovery was not as horrible as I expected, thank goodness (labor is a completely different story)! With that being said, Charlee and I were walking around the neighborhood just a couple of days after we returned home. I love the simplicity of the Graco Snugrider Elite.  It’s compact, light, easy to fold/unfold and has a large storage area underneath. I often see women walking into the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, restaurants, etc. with their child’s giant car seat dangling from their arm, all while trying to tote a diaper bag and purse.  Personally speaking, this stroller eliminates that issue completely – I pop her car seat right on top, place her diaper bag in the storage basket below and we are ready to roll.  

So there you have it folks! As new parents, we are getting into the groove of things and quickly finding out what works for us and what doesn’t (Huggies wipes are HORRIBLE, FYI).  I would love to hear some of your must have items and things that maybe you wished you hadn’t purchased; feel free to leave them within the comments below or shoot me an email!   


Until next time,


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  1. Justin says:

    As a father, simplicity seems to be key. Anything that can make a diaper change or a feeding go smoother wins in my book. Shop smart and avoid the gimmicks of robot strollers, pottery barn cribs and organic hydroponic breast milk heating turbines. Remember, all you need is to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

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