Soccer Mom Diaries: Part 1

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Hi guys!

Well, it’s official. I’ve totally turned into a crazy soccer mom. And my child is only 2 – is that even possible?

Let me explain – I grew up playing soccer. My whole family grew up playing soccer. I pretty much was raised on a soccer field and have so many fond memories playing and watching my brothers play (except for that time I was like 5 and a bee stung my tongue when I was sipping a soda – that’s a memory I’d like to forget).

I couldn’t wait until Charlee was old enough to register for soccer, get on the same fields that I played on and wear my number, #44. I’m trying not to let the excitement fade and I will absolutely not allow for my opinion to influence Charlee at all but, I’m a little bummed out guys.

First, there was a need for coaches at her level and I tossed around the idea of coaching myself. I thought it would be fun, get me involved with soccer again and I figured Charlee would think I’m a “cool mom” (which I totally am! 😉 ). I’m kicking myself for not stepping up to the plate because her coach, he isn’t really coaching material. He’s super quiet and reserved, he admittedly doesn’t know anything about soccer and he doesn’t command the attention of the kiddos. Not to mention that his child is insanely aggressive and clings to his leg crying the entire practice. At the first practice, he mentioned the need for an assistant coach and I had my “ah-ha!” moment; I was going to volunteer as assistant coach to help encourage and teach the kids. Well come to find out at the next practice, a dad is already assigned as assistant coach and he ALSO flat-out stated that he knows “absolutely nothing about soccer”. 

I know these kids are only 2-4 years old, that you probably feel like I’m blowing things out of proportion and they aren’t looking to win the World Cup; but on the other hand, this is their first impression of soccer. This is where we will start paving the path for our little soccer superstars. Some kids will drop out due to lack of interest or maybe it’s just not their cup of tea but, I don’t want it to be because the coach was lackluster, boring and uninformed.

I have another example as to why I’m bummed, are you ready? I received a text message this week stating that practice was canceled. Why, you may ask? Because it was windy. WINDY. Because it was too darn windy, y’all. Have you heard of such a thing? Charlee and I took a 3 mile walk in that windy wind and we totally survived. I remember playing soccer when it was so cold that my legs went numb and heaven forbid that the ball actually hit your skin when your thighs were icicles. I remember going to practice and doing diving headers into giant mud puddles in the middle of a rainstorm. I remember having to pile into a teammates mom’s van to thaw out during halftime, only to get back on the field to refreeze.  Again, I know these kids are young but they aren’t as fragile as some people are making them out to be. I don’t want my child to be a super sheltered, delicate little pansy. She is a tough cookie and can play soccer in the damn wind if need be.

Luckily, Charlee is loving it and tonight at practice she made a goal, ran down the field and looked over at me and said, “I’m doing so great, Mama!”. I could feel her pride and confidence radiating and I myself, couldn’t be more proud. I can’t even imagine if she sticks with it and instead of a little blonde haired cutie looking at me from the field, it will be a beautiful young woman. I bet you didn’t realize soccer was such an emotional sport, did you? 😉

Tomorrow morning is Charlee’s first official game. I promise to be polite and encouraging to not only my child but, the rest of the team, parents and coaches. I’ll be sure to update you all soon! 


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  1. Marcus says:

    I cannot wait to hear part 2. Especially because I am such a soccer fanatic and can’t wait to see how she enjoys it

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