Toddler Tuesday: “Berry” Cute Valentine’s

SARAHi y’all! Welcome to my first “Toddler Tuesday” post! I’m really liking this new posting schedule. (If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, check it out here.)

Anyways, I want to show you a super cute and easy craft to do with your kiddos! Charlee and I made a few of these into cards that we’ll be sending out to some distant relatives, just to let them know that we’re thinking about them. You can easily use small pieces of paper or cardstock to make valentine’s to pass out at daycare or school, or even paint one on canvas to be used as a longterm wall display. YES, I know they look a bit like grapes but I was really going for a blackberry, haha. Feel free to experiment with colors!


  • Paper, cardstock, canvas, etc. 
  • Purple & green paint
  • Markers

How to:

  • Start by drawing the shape of the berry. This will help your kiddo stay in the lines and form the berry shape. 
  • Once your little one has finger painted to their hearts desire (and attempted to stay mostly in the lines), paint or draw the stem and leaves on top of the berry. 
  • Finish it off by writing something sweet such as:
    • “I love you BERRY much!”
    • “You’re BERRY awesome!”
    • “Thanks for being a BERRY great friend!”

Charlee has been having so much fun with finger paint lately! I was hesitant to introduce it because she stills seems to put everything in her mouth (um, what age do they grow out of that?), but she has done really well. #proudMom

I hope you all liked this idea and feel free to share! I want to see some of your creations so be sure share them on social media!




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