Tommee Tippee #ParentOn Campaign


Tommee Tippee has recently launched the #ParentOn campaign, which encourages parents to let unsolicited advice go in one ear and out the other and to ultimately trust their parenting instincts. What a completely necessary message to spread to all parents and parents-to-be! 

Since finding out that I was pregnant and in present day life with a 15 month old daughter, I have heard my fair share of weird, wacky, annoying and insulting parenting advice from family, friends and complete strangers. I thought it would be fun to list some of the most memorable advice and how I wish I could have responded:

  • Don’t put your hands above your head, the umbilical cord will strangle the baby. (Great advice! So this completely rules out washing my hair, putting on a shirt, reaching for the Oreo’s on the top pantry shelf…)
  • Breastfeeding is necessary to bond with your baby. (So snuggling, singing to, playing with and talking to my baby does nothing at all for her?)
  • Giving your child juice will make her obese. (She instantly ballooned up like Violet Beauregarde!)
  • Vaccinations cause autism. (What causes ignorance?)
  • If you have heartburn while pregnant, it’s because your baby will have a head full of hair. (That sounds scientifically proven.)
  • If you take a bath during pregnancy, you’ll drown the baby. (If I throw you in the river, will you?)
  • You’ll spoil your baby if you hold them too much. (You’re right, I should just let her flop around on the floor all day and learn to be independent.)
  • I’ll think less of you if you don’t feed your child organically. (That statement makes me think less of you.)
  • Saying “no!” to your child will kill their self esteem. (Will saying no to you, kill yours?)
  • Your baby is a year, you should get started on #2. (You should stop worrying about when my husband and I have sex, okay?)

Honestly, this list could go on and on but mommy brain is a real thing and I can’t remember all of the “helpful” things people have told me. Go figure. 

Moral of the story: Go with what YOU feel is right. Don’t listen to people who have no idea what your child’s wants and needs are. Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Trust your instincts. Don’t take parenting, medical or behavioral advice from a self-help book or random parenting blog (ha!). Don’t let people put down what you feel is right for your family. And when all else fails, politely tell everyone to shut the hell up be quiet! 

#ParentOn my friends.

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