“Window” You Scrape the Ice Off? – Dad Zone

It’s 6:30am; there’s a crisp nip in the air that almost takes your breath away. You’re headed out the door bundled up and ready to tackle the freezing cold on your way to work. You reach your car only to notice the sheet of ice that has frosted your glass. 
“Do I have a scraper? What did I do with it? Maybe my glove will be enough?”
We’ve all been there – ready to get in the car and out of the cold only to realize that we have work ahead of us before we can actually even head to work. This morning I was headed to my Jeep and noticed two people side by side, trying to clear their windows. One was a woman with children in the car and the other was a man in a suit, both hustling to get a little spot just clear enough to see through.
I want to let you in on a little secret; here is the savior I’ve used for years to prevent the frozen hand, shaking, ice mess -De-Icing Windshield Washer Fluid. De-Icing Washer Fluid works because it is almost entirely alcohol and many people don’t realize that they can melt and clear a window with a simple solution like this. I jumped in the Jeep, turned on my rump heater and started to back out; a quick flip of the wrist and I had both the front and back windows clear before I was out of my parking spot. 
Tip: Fill your car with this in the cold months and if you are not a frequent user of the windshield washers on your car, make sure you squirt them for 10 seconds every now and then to keep the lines clear or prime them by pushing out the old water heavy solution. 
The Prestone De-Icer is common and found at Walmart, Target, AutoZone, etc. and should only run you around $2.50-3.00 for a gallon. 

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