Workout Wednesday: Slowing Down

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.02.51 PMSo I didn’t think that my introductory “Workout Wednesday” post would be about slowing down and taking it easy…

But I need to. I need to take my own advice. 

A little backstory: I’ve been going to the gym at least 4 times a week, every week for the last 4+ months. I’ve really been feeling great physically and mentally and am really excited about my progress. My goal isn’t to drop a ton of weight (which I mean, would be nice!) but my goal is to FEEL better. I want to feel like I stand a little taller, walk a little lighter, play a little harder and really just *live* this beautiful life. 

Moving on: For the last two weeks or so, I was experiencing pain in my left upper abdomen, breast and down on my lower left groin area. I tend to push things off but felt like the pain wasn’t easing up; I decided that I needed to put my big girl panties on and head to the doctor. After meeting with my primary care doctor, she told me that she was pretty certain I had a hernia and set me up with an appointment with a surgeon that day, she also made me schedule a mammogram. I was terrified but knew that I needed to address the concern if that’s in fact what was causing the pain. After meeting with the surgeon, he disagreed and told me that I may have a muscle tear in my abdomen and after getting an all-clear on my mammogram and ultrasound (thank God!), I was told that I may have a small tear in my pec. 

I was told to not lift weights (which is my workout of choice) for two weeks and given a prescription for some anti-inflammatory medication. If the pain doesn’t subside, then I need to schedule a cat scan to see what’s causing the issue. 

Are you still with me? Okay, good! What my point is in posting this long-winded story…slow down. Don’t push yourself, pedal to the metal, 100% throttle without realizing the potential consequences. I felt amazing waking up at 6:00am 4x/week to meet my workout buddy at the gym, to kill it throughout  my workout and then home and showered before my husband and daughter woke up. I mean, I felt really, REALLY great. 

This past week has been rough. I’m grumpy, grouchy, tired and making poor eating choices. I’ve been sleeping in until Charlee wakes up and just going through the motions of the day – not really take the day by the horns and enjoying it like I was. I pushed myself too hard and caused my body unnecessary stress. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym, back on schedule and into my new routine. Just a few days off has made me realize that I need to pump the brakes a bit and ease into things.

Give yourself permission to slow down and take it easy. No matter how hard we all strive to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter or sister – perfection is unrealistic and we need to learn to let go of the pressure sometimes. 

I am. 


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